Mephzara - Andreas Kardin

Software Entwicklung

Particle Systems is a screen saver that animates 3d particle systems. After I saw a website with graphical effects of an amazing good quality, I started a project of my own.

I could not believe what power sleeps inside of today's computers. If java is fast enough to do such unbelieveable things - so delphi would be even more powerfull.
And it is! I think this screen saver is a excellent change compared to the currently available screen savers.

I wish all users, who are using my screen saver to safe their screens, very much fun with the following 3 particle systems!

The Wave System

A particle system that is animated by harmonic waves. The waves are apmplitude and frequency modulated and phase shifted. The number of variations is immense even infinite.

You will find a pretty number of predefined wave systems. So fun starts right at the beginning.

The Logo System

Particles in a plane form the shape of a bitmap of your choice. Give a personal touch to the screen saver with a bitmap of your own!

The Text System

A ring of particle-letters revolves around all 3 axes. A very new feeling of reading your configured sense or nonsense.