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Awards and Reviews

This page contains awards and reviews of Particle Systems.

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Friday, 22. Oktober 2004

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Tucows (

Screen Saver of the Day - Samstag, 1. April 2000

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4 of 5 possible Stars (17. April 2000)

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Jumbo (

Was "featured screen saver of the week" (12. April 2000)

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Small review. Average rating 3 (5 is best) - June 28, 2000


"Inofficial" reviews

Jetster sent this review at September 26, 2000.

" The first thing I noticed about the Particle Systems Saver is that its small enough to be loaded and used on machines that lack excess drive space. This is a great feature and eludes to the program authors skills concerning the rest of the screensaver. It installed easily and quickly with a minimum of windows or user choices to be made. A clean installation is important to me as a user. Once installed, I examined the saver in action. It is a wonderful show of geometric fractal lines and shapes swirling and interlacing in a vast array of smoothly blending colors. The saver functions without the jerkiness common to other resource intensive savers in the fractal family. Overall, the saver is excellent, right down to the definitive icon that marks the executable file. My only request would be to let the display expand out of the restrictive box that contains it on the desktop, which would eliminate the *flat* spots above and below the animated display. Otherwise, I give this screensaver a double thumbs up for design and program excellence."